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Emerald City?

Dark and gritty Oz-inspired TV series: not sure if want. But The Mary Sue's enthusiastic review is promising. Anyone watching? Any thoughts?

For reference, I enjoyed Wicked as a musical but HATED the book, largely because it had no sense of wonder whatsoever, and that is an absolute must in an Oz adaptation for me. I read the books many, many times as a child; I like the classic movie well enough but find the differences from the book jarring (especially the end).

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The Future of LJ?

Lo these many years ago, when LiveJournal was bought by SUP, a Russian company, I wasn't too worried, because the staff and servers were staying in the United States (specifically California) for the foreseeable future.

Fast forward nine years. Although no announcement has been made as far as I know, there are strong indications that the servers have recently been moved to Russia. [personal profile] lynnenne explains why this is a problem; the short version is that international courts generally hold that, when legal issues arise around Internet content (privacy, copyright, freedom of expression, etc.), the laws that apply are the laws of the country where the servers reside. Therefore, when the LJ servers were in California, if SUP did something sketchy like sell your personal data or resell your content without permission, you could sue them in California court. Assuming these reports are correct, that's no longer true. And while I don't know specific details about Russian law regarding privacy, copyright, and free expression, I think it's a pretty safe guess that they aren't nearly as strong as those in the USA, much less California.

So... how worried are we about this? I backed up all my LJ content to Dreamwidth years ago, and have been crossposting even longer, so I won't lose any content if my LJ suddenly goes dark. But that fact doesn't assuage the other concerns: loss of privacy, the selling of personal data, copyright infringement, Russia deciding that my political opinions are suspect and someone needs to come after me. (I understand I'm a pretty tiny fish in a very large ocean as far as that last issue is concerned. Still, the fear is there.) Therefore, a few thoughts and questions:

1. Those of you who are cross-posting DW to LJ: are you going to keep doing it? Any thoughts of deleting?

2. Those of you who are still posting and/or reading on the LJ side: are you concerned? Thinking about deleting and/or moving to DW? If I stopped cross-posting, any chance that you'd keep reading me on Dreamwidth, or do I risk losing touch with you?

3. I am deeply reluctant to delete the old content from my LJ. The librarian in me abhors the idea of contributing to the link rot that has caused so much fandom history to be lost (I'm still sad about the abrupt disappearance of Journalfen, for one example). I wish there was some way to redirect links to the archived DW content. On the other hand, link rot is just a part of life on the Internet, and shouldn't my personal safety come first? Any thoughts welcome.

A year ago, even three months ago, this development would not have worried me nearly as much. But with the mounting evidence of Russia and Putin meddling in internal US politics, it's pretty hard to see this move as benign. And that fact that I'm a little nervous even typing that last sentence in an entry that's going to be crossposted to LJ? Maybe that's my answer right there. Still, I'm not making any decisions yet. But I want to put my concerns out there.

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Media Year in Review: 2016

I wrote an overview of my year in reading and watching stuff for [community profile] ladybusiness. You can find it here. I also set some annual reading goals for the first time ever; we'll see how that goes.

Although you can likely infer some of my choices :) this is not a proper Hugo recommendation post. Look for one of those later this month, after I've got more short fiction under my belt. But considering this your reminder that 2017 Hugo nominations are now open!

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Somewhat weekly political linkspam post

I probably need a catchier name for this project....

Not much this time because I actively avoided posting news and politics links while I was in Hawaii. A few gems, though.

  • A quick rundown of the attempt of Congressional Republicans to defang House ethics rules and the almost immediate reversal. The two main takeaways: public outcry sometimes works, but we have to keep watching them like hawks.

  • I found this Tweetstorm on this history of reconstruction from [twitter.com profile] arthur_effect (Arthur Chu) to be both informative and thought-provoking, in terms of what might happen next in this national backlash to progress on civil rights issues.

  • Another on the "Third Reconstruction," from Rev. William Barber, the leader of North Carolina's Moral Monday movement. Moral Monday is an excellent model for liberal resistance, and I hope more of us can adopt it.

  • Very good takedown of the idea that Hillary Clinton lost "working Americans". It largely boils down to the media's limited definitions of "working" and "Americans" (i.e. white men in very specific kinds of jobs).

  • From Brookings, a blueprint for what path the media should follow to cover the incoming administration.

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Days written: 19/31
Words written: 4,327
Words of fic written: 1,192
Stories worked on: Three
Stories posted: None publicly, one that's hidden for an exchange reveal
Words written in 2015: 105,762
Fic words written in 2015: 59,760
Fic words posted in 2015: 27,132

Charts closed this post halfway through by accident and are very irritated at having to copy-paste everything againCollapse )

Specific goals for December:

1. Write at least six days per week except while traveling (the last week of the month). Pretty close; it looks worse than it is because I didn't write at all on my trip.

2. Finish and post Wardens of Ivalice Part 2 before I leave on 12/27. This didn't happen; see below.

3. Finish and submit story for Winter's Crest Gifts, also before 12/27 (due on 12/31). Success! This is the aforementioned story that hasn't been revealed yet.</em>

4. Write and post at least two substantial articles for my journal and/or [community profile] ladybusiness. If my new weekly linkspam project counts, then yes. If not, then I think it's still a yes, because I wrote a book review for LB and another for The Book Smugglers, although that wasn't published until today. Still, this makes the first time I've ever written an article for a blog that isn't Lady Business, which is pretty exciting!

Specific goals for 2016:

1. Report monthly wordcounts to [community profile] getyourwordsout, and share WIP snippets with ushobwri at least once per month. Stretch goal: hit 150k pledge amount. I missed reporting my wordcount in June, but I basically excused myself from life that month. I've officially moved on from [profile] ushobwri. Not even close on the stretch goal; more on that below.

2. Participate in at least one Big Bang and one fic exchange that I've never done before. I did a Reverse Bang for Critical Role as well as three new-to-me fic exchanges: one for Dragon Age, one for MCU, and one for Critical Role. So that's a definite success.

3. Set aside one month to work on Wardens of Ivalice as my main project for that month. I did this in April, and I got exactly what I wanted from it: momentum. From that point onward, I worked on the story at least a little every month, and it went to beta at the end of November. Although life intervened and my beta hasn't had time to get me edits yet, I still feel very good about my progress, and I have high hopes for getting Part Two published this month or next. (This is part of why I have so many fewer published words in 2016 -- almost half of my fic words are on Wardens of Ivalice.)

One related thing I wanted to mention: in 2015, I set myself a goal to finish all my outstanding WIPs. That was far too broad a goal and I failed it utterly, but I kept the idea in mind when I created monthly goals throughout the year, and of my three outstanding giveaway fics, I wrote and published two of them (and the third is for someone who vanished from fandom over a year ago, so I don't feel so bad about leaving it on hiatus).

4. Participate in at least two journal-writing challenges/projects. Between [profile] lady_business and my weekly linkspam project, I'm going to call this one a yes.

5. Archive all flashfic to DW/AO3 on a quarterly basis. I sometimes had to nudge myself at the beginning of a quarter, but mostly yes -- although I wrote so little flash this year that it hardly mattered.

So the trend of less writing continues -- although I wonder if at some point I will have to consider this level of productivity a new normal. I hate the idea of that, though. Here's my updated year-by-year chart:

I included fic words posted this year (note that I didn't track that number in 2010), so you can see how badly that cratered this year. Maybe what I miss most is the flashfic. I suspect this ties in to feeling more disconnected from fandom lately. Keeping up on Tumblr has been both more difficult because of time, and more daunting because of drama. I got way more into Twitter this year, partly because I met Twitter people at cons and partly because it's much easier to pop in and out during my workday. And I enjoy it, but it means I'm not posting fic memes or participating in meta conversations on Tumblr, which was better from a creativity standpoint. On the other hand, I am writing on DW somewhat more than I have in recent years. Not enough to balance the numbers out, but somewhat.

Anyway, let's do some goals. In January:

1. Write an average of six days per week.

2. Beta pending, finish and post Wardens of Ivalice, Part 2.

3. Undertake the annual WIP triage, and target one fic to finish and post either this month or in February.

4. Finish and post at least one [community profile] fandom_stocking story (due on 1/5).

5. Write and publish my Hugo recommendations post.

And annual goals for 2017:

1. Sign up for [community profile] getyourwordsout with the intention of hitting the 150k goal. Yes, that's right. Yes, I know that means I have to write half-again as many the words as I wrote this year. But I wonder if giving myself a wordcount metric to meet will get me back into writing more words at a stretch. I tried to get myself into that this year by scheduling writing sprints, but I rarely succeeded in doing so. I think it's at least a worthy experiment.

2. Keep up the regular linkspam posts in my journal; write at least one, ideally two posts for [community profile] ladybusiness every month; and stay on top of contributing to [community profile] ladybusiness anchor posts and group projects.

3. Participate in at least one Big Bang and two fic exchanges. Of these, at least one of these should be new to me.

4. Once Wardens of Ivalice Part 2 is finished, pick a month to prioritize writing a first draft of Part 3, with a goal of getting it posted sometime in 2018.

5. Find a fic prompt community I like and participate regularly. Recommendations welcome!

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Fic Year in Review: 2016

Because I'll be out of town for the rest of the week, and not bringing my laptop along, I think it's time to call it in terms of fic writing and posting (although not writing goals for the year -- I'll take care of that when I get back).

Stories WrittenCollapse )

Questions and AnswersCollapse )

In Conclusion

Not a great writing year, for a number of reasons both personal and structural, although it could have been worse. It seems so long ago, now, with everything that's happened since, but dealing with Lexi's illness, then losing him, took a toll on me in the first part of the year, and then during the second half I was consumed with the election. Either of those issues would have been a problem at any time, but they only worsened the problem of what feels like a long-term writing slump. One thing I did manage to mostly do, though, is meet most of my writing goals, especially the annual ones. I'll be able to take a closer look at that next week; I'll also decide at that time whether to participate in [community profile] getyourwordsout again. Right now I'm leaning toward no, although I could easily be convinced otherwise. One thing I've really lost over the last few years is the feeling of being part of an active community of writers. I fell out of touch with ushobwri this year, and never really jumped into GYWO at all, and have been mostly off Tumblr lately as well. I need to think about what types of communities and challenges are the most useful to me, and how it all plays into my longer-term issues with motivation. Giving up writing is the last thing I want to do, but I have some big questions to ask myself about what I want out of it.

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Fannish year in review: 2016

Using the same template as last year.

Your main fandom of the year?
Gotta be Critical Role (see below).

Your favorite film watched this year?
The new Ghostbusters. Arrival was objectively a better movie, and I have more fannish attachment to Civil War, but no other movie was quite as much fun.

Your favorite book read this year?
In the Labyrinth of Drakes by Marie Brennan, the fourth book in the Lady Isabella Trent series. I love the directions this story took, and the way the ending has set up the final book in the series. I also need to give a nod to the last Temeraire book, for providing a satisfying and surprising end to one of my favorites series of all time.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?
If I'm being honest, probably Hamilton again.

Your favorite TV show of the year?
Either the final season of Agent Carter (sniff) or the most recent season of Orphan Black, which returned to form after a slightly off third year. Honorable mentions: Luke Cage, the current half season of Agents of SHIELD, Top Chef season 13.

Your favorite video game of the year?
I haven't played many games this year. The only one that really sticks with me is Solstice, which I mentioned in my mid-year roundup, the new game from the makers of Cinders.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
I think you already all know the answer to this one: Critical Role. My first new fandom in the last couple of years, I spent the second half of 2016 watching the series, then re-watching it (I caught up to the most recent episode and then re-watched it a couple of days ago), wrote a handful of stories, and basically became completely consumed. A part of me is glad that the rewatch is over so I can have my life back. A part of me wants to go back and start all over again, again.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
US presidential election season finale Agent Carter not being renewed for a third season. :(

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?
Matthew Mercer. Is it weird for your fandom boyfriend to be a real person? But it's true -- Matt's performance on Critical Role, both as DM and as a large percentage of the cast, is a huge part of the show's appeal to me.

Your fandom girlfriend of the year?
Peggy Carter, forever.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?
"Anything can happen in the woods..." (Spoilers for Critical Role Ep. 72)

The most missed of your old fandoms?
Oh, I don't know, all of them? I feel very out of touch with fandom right now. But at least lately, I suppose I'm most disconnected from Dragon Age. Maybe it's the lack of new content, and also I basically quit all my replays when I started spending all my free time on Critical Role instead. Now that the catch-up project is over, I hope to get back to that.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
I never did get started in Supergirl or Star Wars, despite my interest. Solstice might have some possibilities, too.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?
Star Wars: Episode 8. The final Lady Isabella Trent book, and the last of the new N.K. Jemisin trilogy. The Defenders on Netflix.

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Holiday wishes

Today has been a bit of slow holiday/travel prep -- baking, laundry, cleaning the house, a last-minute shopping trip (I'm getting on a plane Tuesday and remembered whilst in the shower this morning that I hadn't yet replaced my broken travel headphones), wrapping a few gifts. My uncle who lives in Sacramento is hosting the family Christmas dinner tomorrow. Then on Tuesday we leave for a week in Hawaii!! :D After over twenty years together, two of my dearest friends are getting married on Kauai, and we'll be there through January 2nd. This will be the first time in many, many years that I will be out of town on New Year's Eve, but fortunately most of the people I'd be most likely to spend the holiday with will be in Hawaii with me. I'm looking forward to a bit of vacation, and seeing Kauai for the first time.

Happy Christmas Eve to all that celebrate, and Happy Hanukkah for those of you who celebrate, and Happy Saturday to all! The solstice is past, and so the days are already getting longer in this hemisphere, and very soon this year will be over, and I think the end of 2016 is something we can all be happy about, no matter how uncertain the future might seem.

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Weekly Political Linkspam

This will be my last link collection for the year, since I'll be out of town the week after Christmas.

Today's bit of fun: I was reminded of one of my favorite pieces of meta-media: the fake Lucas Lee movie posters from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, featuring Chris Evans. Sadly, the original article with Evans's own commentary no longer seems to be online, but there's a screencap here, and larger versions of just the posters here.

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Review of Luck in the Shadows

My latest TBR book review for [community profile] ladybusiness went up last night, for Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling. I enjoyed it, although I also feel like the last thing I need is another series to read. Why don't people write good standalone books anymore?

Also, sick. :P Just in time for the holidays, yay!

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2016 Year In Review

Take the first line of the first post from each month, and that's your year in review.

Skipping monthly writing goals posts.

January: By canon, then order of publication. [fic master list for 2015]

February: That feeling when the research paper you're reading has the exact info you need in the appendix, and the appendix isn't included in the online version?

March: I posted a mini-rant on this subject to Twitter last month, but apparently I decided that wasn't sufficient.

April: Written for the 2016 Wintersend Exchange (a lady-centric fanwork exchange for Dragon Age).

May: Today, it was announced that [community profile] ladybusiness is up for a 2016 Hugo Award in the Best Fanzine category.

June: Over a week without posting, oops.

July: Thanks to everyone for your kind words and condolences on the loss of Lexi.

August: Thanks to the recommendations and enthusiasms of MANY PEOPLE (you know who you are), I took the plunge and started watching Critical Role, a Twitch show in which a group of American voice actors play an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

September: For our special celebration of Kate Elliott and her books, I wrote a review of her most recent, Poisoned Blade.

October: I rarely write my take on scenes that are probably going to happen soon in canon, but this bunny wouldn't leave me alone.

November: To think that I lived to see the Chicago Cubs -- perennial underdogs to the point that sci-fi authors often use their losing ways as a punchline or a sign that you're in an alternate universe -- win a World Series.

December: For the first time in 13 years. [In reference to my new glasses.]

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Rogue One

I thought it was pretty great! Maybe this is an understatement. I need to see it again.

Some thoughts, no specific spoilersCollapse )

Major spoilers for the endingCollapse )

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Political Linkspam

  • Here's a pretty fascinating look at how different state boundaries would have affected the Electoral College results. Based on such things as commute patterns, phone call patterns, states of equal population, etc. A good reminder of how arbitrary the Electoral College is as a way of deciding anything.

  • The always-excellent Jamelle Bouie writes about Jesse Jackson's presidential campaigns and how they might serve as a blueprint for Democrats to strengthen their economic message without sacrificing social justice issues.

  • Good piece on what it really means to empathize with conservatives, and what that means for moving forward.

  • This article on fake news and media credibility is a little harder on the mainstream media than I would be, but it's a thought-provoking perspective nonetheless.

  • Speaking of fake news, here's an interview with the creator of a browser plug-in that detects and flags dubious sources, called (appropriately) BS Detector. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I'm curious. Could be a valuable tool if it works, although I worry that the people who most need it are the least likely to install it.

And for today's fun link: The San Francisco SPCA partners with the downtown Macy's every holiday season, creating a store window display of cats and dogs who are available for adoption. I try to get there at least a few times every year to witness the adorable in person, but this year they've added three webcams. (Requires Flash.)

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Regular politics linkspams?

I've been thinking I'm sharing most of the best resources I find on Twitter and Facebook these days, and given the speed at which things have been happening since the election, good stuff sometimes gets lost in the social media firehose. If I noted the best of those links and posted them here, say on a weekly basis or so, would people find that useful and/or interesting?

I'm a librarian; curating and sharing information is what I do. If I can take that task on in a way that helps people, I feel like I should. So I'll try this for now, but if folks have feedback or suggestions, definitely let me know.

And now for something completely different: NPR's Monkey See blog is putting together a Pop Culture Advent Calendar, sharing one perfect pop culture moment from 2016 per day. I love this idea, and perhaps in its spirit, I should make sure to include at least one happy or uplifting thing in each links collection. We can't have four years of unalloyed misery, no matter how bad things get -- that way lies burnout and despair. As I've said before, we need to take our bright spots where we can get them, even if it feels like trying to keep a candle lit against a firehose. This is my candle, and I will do whatever it takes to keep it burning.

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New glasses...

For the first time in 13 years. Not only is the prescription stronger than in my old glasses, it's actually stronger than the one in my contact lenses (at least in my left eye), so it's definitely going to take some getting used to.

They're also plastic frames, which makes them much chunkier than my wire ones. Definitely some getting used to...

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November update; December goals

Days written: 28/30
Words written: 9,963
Words to date in 2016: 101,395 (that's right -- I finally broke 100k)
Words of fic written: 5,702
Stories worked on: Three
Stories posted: One new, several crossposts

Charts are surprised we did this well, reallyCollapse )

Specific goals:

1. Write at least ten minutes every day. Almost. Considering the clusterfuck that was this November, I am reasonably proud that I only missed two days, and both were over Thanksgiving weekend.

2. Post publicly to DW every day. Success! (Or it will be, once I get this post finished.)

3. Finish and post Critical Role reverse bang story (due November 16th). Also a success.

4. Send Wardens of Ivalice 2 to beta. On Monday! \o/

5. Archive outstanding flashfic to AO3. For real this time. There were only three stories, all from a 15 characters meme I did over the summer. In case you missed it, they're all linked here.

Seriously, I feel lucky that I got even halfway to any of my goals, given November 2016. 2016, man. I know it's just a date on a calendar, and that there's no reason to think 2017 will be any better, but I'm still looking forward to turning that particular page. If you managed to win NaNo this year, I am seriously in awe.

Anyway, December goals:

1. Write at least six days per week except while traveling (the last week of the month). December is a busy month, not even counting my upcoming trip, so this is a little ambitious, but I'd like to try.

2. Finish and post Wardens of Ivalice Part 2 before I leave on 12/27.

3. Finish and submit story for Winter's Crest Gifts, also before 12/27 (due on 12/31).

4. Write and post at least two substantial articles for my journal and/or [community profile] ladybusiness.

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Once upon a time, I was very excited for this game. Then my trust in Squeenix began eroding, until this happened, and I washed my hands of it.

Which means that I completely forgot that a new game in what used to be my favorite series is coming out today, until I saw a poster for it on my way home from work.

How things change.

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Recs for Hugo novel reading?

As the year comes to a close, the thoughts of the Hugo nominator turn to planning her reading for the next four months. Obviously, I cannot read every single novel that was published in 2016, not even every novel that reviewed well and/or seems likely to be a contender, even if I wanted to. The end-of-year lists are already coming out, and I'll be applying to those, as well as the always-helpful Hugo eligibility spreadsheet, but there's almost too many options there.

So I figure, why not start by asking my friends and followers, whose opinions I trust? What's your must-read book from 2016? (I'll get started on short fiction and other categories later; new series are probably more than I'm willing to tackle right now.) I'm already planning to read All the Birds in the Sky and Ninefox Gambit; books published in 2016 that I've read are here. Some possible nominee contenders there, but only one slam-dunk, so your thoughts are definitely welcome.

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I might have just sent a draft of Wardens of Ivalice Part 2 out to beta. Maybe I will actually finish this thing.

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Back to Life

The busy holiday weekend is now over, and I expect a somewhat rude re-entry into real life thanks to a dentist appointment first thing tomorrow morning (getting a cavity filled; not my favorite thing ever but not too terrifying either). And December is booking up quickly, what with social events and cultural events and a trip to Hawaii for a wedding the week after Christmas. So I want to settle in to something that feels like a normal life, but it's difficult to contemplate given the state of national events.

I had really been looking forward to the 2016 election being over. Turns out it will never really be over, but I still feel the need to draw a line under the election, accept that its happened, and move on to the work of fighting the president elect and his cronies. Reportedly, on a call with Democratic party volunteers a week or so ago, President Obama informed them that they had until Thanksgiving to mourn, and then he expected everyone to get back to work. Seems reasonable to me. So despite the specter of recounts and audits and the (extremely slim) possibility that Electoral College will pull something unexpected, I want to make some effort to get back to some semblance of normal. Not complacency, not ignoring what's going on, but finding the balance of paying attention to what's happening, and pushing back where necessary, without letting it consume my whole life. In the words of wise Tumblr poster:

We’re in this for the long haul. It’s a marathon not a sprint. It’s also a relay race not a singles event.

We need to pace ourselves and work together. And if you're ever in a place where you need to hand me the baton, just let me know.

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