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Went to my first chorus rehearsal in quite some time tonight (I didn't sing last quarter because the concerts conflicted with the BNL trip). Just stepping back on the Stanford campus gave me a thrill. Then practice started, and ah. The piece is "Ein Deutsches Requiuem" by Brahms this quarter, one of my favorite works both to hear and to sing. It's also the conductor's favorite, his "desert island music", which really adds something to singing it with him. It's so obvious how much joy he takes in the piece. And Brahms really knew how to write for altos -- it's not just to fill in the harmony, and he doesn't push the range too much. Gorgeous lines, the occasional melody, beautiful beautiful stuff.

It was also quite nice to catch up with my chorus buddies again. I've been sitting with the same group of women for several years now. We don't know each other outside chorus, or socialize in any other fashion (although one's husband used to work with T, but that's just coincidence). But one night a week, for three hours, we're a social unit -- saving each other seats, talking about our lives and the world, leaning on each other for notes and rhythms. One of the group has been missing for a few quarters, but she was back tonight, and I was so glad to see her. And they greeted me so warmly after my absence last quarter; when I walked in a little bit late, one of them happened to turn around and catch my eye, and she waved me down excitedly -- they had saved me a seat, even though they didn't know whether I was coming. It's so nice to be a part of something like that.

Singing has always been one of the greatest joys in my life. With a chorus, with friends, by myself in the car. I can't imagine what my world would be like without it.

On a tangentially related note, song meme tomorrow (or, I guess, today). Probably around 9/9:30 Pacific Time. Watch this space.
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