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This has been the summer of music. In the last two months, I've been to three concerts (and next weekend I suppose could make it four, but TMBG are playing a venue with no seats and I'm just too old to stand for four hours. Not even for John and John) -- the Indigo Girls, then BNL and Alanis, and now tonight the one and only "Weird Al" Yankovic!

A couple of days ago, E heard on the radio that Al was playing at Great America tonight, so he got a last-minute group together and we went. He took a group to go see His Weirdness a few years ago; I opted not to come along because I was a starving grad student with too much homework at the time, but my friends who went were so excited about it afterwards that I really regretted staying home. And I'm really glad I went this time! I've always heard that The Weird One puts on quite a spectacle, and I was not disappointed in this -- at least 12 costume changes (including the Michael Jackson "Fat" suit, which we children of the '80s will remember from the video), lots of fun video clips, fake interviews with Eminem and Celine Dion... The middle portion of the show was a selection of song clips from parodies, including "Eat It". I thought that was great -- he got a lot more songs in without making the show super long. I don't know if other artists could get away with that, but it's a great strategy for Weird Al. Then he ended the show with a Star Wars encore: "The Saga Begins" (the Episode One parody of "American Pie", which is easily my favorite Al tune) followed by "Yoda". The audience loved it, and it seemed that Al and his bandmates were all having a really great time.

The tickets included admission to the park, so I also got to hit some roller coasters, whee! There's a new coaster called Invertigo that was great. They've also added a few waterslides, also fun, although the park isn't really set up for people to change into and out of bathing suits yet.

Despite my great precautions with sunscreen and hats, I seem to have picked up a bit of a burn. I think today may be my last all-day outdoor adventure until the wedding -- I really don't want to chance getting a serious burn on my face, neck, or shoulders between now and then. Makeup can only cover so much.
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