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(More lines. I'm mildly surprised one of these is still unguessed, although not as surprised as I was by the Police song that never went last week.)

My work keyboard died a few days ago, and they salvaged me another one. It's a real MS Natural keyboard, which is a definite improvement over the weird Belkin thing they bought me way back when. But I'm having to get used to it -- the other keyboard had some weird key layouts, which drove me nuts for a long time, but I eventually adjusted to them. Now I'm having to readjust to normalcy.

A little nervous about today; I'm helping one of the instructors run a resume-writing workshop. It's sort of a dry run for our big career fair next Wednesday, where I'm going to be in charge of one of these sessions myself. That'll be nerve wracking. On the plus side, I get to use my fancy degree initials in the career fair program since I'm presenting. I never get to use the fancy degree initials.
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