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So for the first time in memory, I was awakened by the cat alarm today. Lexi, around 6am, decided he wanted some attention, so he wandered around on the bed, headbutting and pawing at me and purring up a storm. He wouldn't settle to be petted, though -- he kept jumping over my head, pouncing on various body parts, etc. Tori has figured out laps and snuggling, but Lexi just doesn't have that concept down yet. He likes petting but rarely sits still for long. Too much kitten energy, I suppose.

Also, I am more convinced every day that a cat is going to jump into the shower with me one day. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

The Tuesday morning lyrics game will be along at approximately (overzealous players are please to note use of modifier) 10 AM PST.
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