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strike two

I love my city, even if its baseball team is looking a little hapless these days. Every year, the day Giants single-game tickets go on sale, T and I buy seats for half a dozen games or so. This was one of those days, but at the last minute T couldn't get away from work. So I convinced IC to play hooky and come to the game with me. Despite the rather dismal final score, it was an entertaining game. But I'm getting worried for the boys in orange and black. I'm starting to get the feeling that I picked the wrong summer to be unemployed as far as baseball watching is concerned.

Still, the worst day spent at the ballpark is better than any day spent at work, or sitting around the house doing nothing. And this was far from the worst baseball park day I've ever had. The weather was near-perfect -- sunny, warm but not too hot, only occasional gusts of wind, not a cloud in the sky. From our seats, we had a great view of the Bay Bridge and downtown Oakland (sometimes haze obscures the latter, but not today). And like I said earlier, the game was entertaining if a bit lopsided -- some nice defensive plays, a little comedy of errors (between them, the two teams committed 5 and it probably should have been 6 or 7), and the Giants rarely went quietly.

This is the second game I've been to this year. I caught one on my own opening week, picking up a ticket on impulse the day before, and I'm going with LW to next Thursday's day game. That's a game a week since the home opener; not too shabby. Let's hope the team starts playing a little less shabbily as well. Third time's the charm and all that.
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