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stressful but good things

1. I have a job interview tomorrow! My first interview since I started looking. It's weird, though -- I had applied for a different job at the company (it's a library software firm), and they passed my resume around to other departments. So this interview is actually not for the job I applied to, and I'm not really sure I'm qualified. But they must have seen something they like if they're calling me in for an interview. So we'll see how it goes. I finally have an excuse to wear one of those suits I bought!

2. Getting married in 4 weeks and 6 days (as T put it this morning. "So in other words, 5 weeks" was my reply). Still so much to do, and yet it feels like everything is under control. We had a tasting at the hotel on Friday; our meal is brunch, and they served dinner, so we probably won't be actually having any of those dishes, but the food was all tasty so I'm feeling good about the catering.

3. On Thursday, I got a random phone message from my Aunt P that she wants to throw me a wedding shower. It's really sweet of her to think of me, but I haven't been close to her in years and I'm a little nervous about what kind of event she's going to put on -- it's likely to be a lot more goofy and girly than anything I would want. Still, I decided to along with it, largely because my grandma will be able to attend and she can't travel to the wedding. So we'll see how it goes.
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