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Late in the evening

Past midnight and T isn't home yet. He must be liking his job.

Still loving the Brahms. Loving it even more now that singing isn't sending me into copious coughing fits (just two during the three-hour rehersal). I guess that means the cold is almost gone. About time! After chorus I grabbed dinner with D & P, and we got into a discussion about the definition of "sandwich". Specifically, we were trying to decide whether a hamburger is sandwich. At the basic core of the definition, I think you have to say yes -- food between two pieces of bread is a sandwich, yes? But P pointed out that if you asked someone to get you a burger by referring to it as a " sandwich", they would likely be confused. Maybe a burger fits the textbook definition of sandwich, but no one really calls it that. So that lead us into trying to come up with the characteristics that would differentiate a burger from a sandwich. In the end, we decided that the patty form factor for the meat (or whatever -- one needs to account for veggie burgers, after all) is the key distinction. P still wouldn't concede that my fried chicken breast on a bun was a "sandwich", though, although eventually he decided to agree that it isn't a burger. I think he wanted a third term, but we couldn't come up with one.

It's fun, having pedantic friends. (I'm not kidding. I really do think that. All kinds of wacky discussions result. I enjoy them.)

Scratch that first line -- he just walked in. And a cat walked out. Damn; I thought they were past the escaping phase. Too much to hope for, I guess. At least they've gotten less aggressive about it.

The Tuesday song game will go up at 9:30am PST or thereabouts.
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