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open letters from a Monday rehersal

Dear Stanford University,

Please stop constructing new buildings on every parking lot on campus. You have more than enough buildings and not nearly enough parking, and the balance continues to get more and more out of whack.

A disgruntled driver who was ten minutes late to chorus tonight because she was circling Tressider looking for a parking place


Dear Cigarette-Smoking Alto,

Smoking is bad for the pipes, but hey, it's your voice and your life, so far be it from us to tell you to stop. But when you smoke your cigarette five minutes before practice, that's just rude. You may be used to breathing the scent of smoke deeply, but the rest of us aren't -- you drove at least one person to go home at the break because her allergies were acting up. We have the no perfume and no smoke policy for a reason. It's three hours out of your life once a week; you can deal.

Best wishes,
The row of altos sitting behind you


Dear Johannes Brahms,

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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