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End of an era

Yes, I am spamming you all today. Heh heh heh.

So one of the things about working at a vocational school is that the course of study is fairly short. We don't have "semesters" or "quarters" in the traditional sense -- a course lasts six weeks, new students come on at the beginning of every course, and most programs last around 10 months to a year. So many of the students who started around the same time I started working here are finishing up today, and I'm a little sad. Some of these students were regulars, people who came into the library almost every day, and it's going to be weird, not having them around.

Students I've gotten attached to have finished up before, but never quite so many all at once. And it occurs to me that it's going to be like this from here on out, now, because all the students will have started since I came here. I'll have known them from beginning to end. I guess everyone who works through a school goes through this, but not on such a compressed time frame. Takes some getting used to.

It's great to see them succeed. Really, I'm happy and excited for all of them. But I'm going to miss them, too.
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