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More lines.

luvmoose is here for the weekend! And there was much rejoicing. :)

From The National Republic (a publication about which I have very mixed feelings, but I continue my online subscription because I often get unique points of view; I wish they had Salon's mixed pay/advertising model, though):

"If Cheney had explained the delay by saying, "You know, I was distressed at the time and didn't really think things through," it's hard to imagine that anyone would have blamed him. But Cheney seemed determined to convince Hume and everyone else that he knew exactly what he was doing. Which is entirely typical of this White House. Jazz musicians sometimes hit a wrong note and keep on hitting it in order to make the flub seem intentional. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But the point is that they're welcome to try, since human history isn't much affected by such musical decisions. Also, their sets don't last eight years."

Sing it, T.A. Frank.
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