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Long weekend

Another long weekend has passed me by and now I face a week of work.

It was a good weekend, though, the highlight of which was of course luvmoose's visit. We wandered the aisles of a knitting expo (I don't knit, but it's fun to pet the yarn and take in the pretty colors, and there are enough jewelry vendors there that I did not escape unscathed), had bagels at the cafe across the street each morning, played Katamari Damacey and tortured the kittens, and just generally hung out and enjoyed the company. She showed us the proper cat-claw clipping technique, which was helpful; now we see whether T and I actually manage to carry it out.

Yesterday was D's annual birthday dim sum luncheon. A group of us went to Ming's in Palo Alto, a new dim sum venue for me, which I found fairly tasty, although the selection was a little weird. As always, conversation ranged all over the place, from dealing with office politics to car shopping, with a smattering of kid talk, computers, and world events. We lingered, as one does over dim sum; I find that the best way to partake, because then when you get too full you can wait a while to digest, and then maybe pick up another round of chasu bao (steamed pork buns, my favorite) or sesame balls (my other favorite).

I also got a little writing done, although not as much as I would have liked. I spent the vast majority of my writing time picking at a scene that I'm finding very hard to get through. I'm not sure why -- it's not emotionally difficult content, by any means, and it's a moment that I've been eager to write, our two protagonists finally interacting. One of these men I know almost as well as I know myself (possibly even better, in some ways); the other is more obscure to me, but I'm slowly becoming more familiar with and comfortable with him. But then I actually sat down to do it, and everything blocked. Well, not completely, I have been making progress. But the words which had been flowing slowed to a trickle. I'm happy with what I'm producing for the most part, but damn, it's moving at a snail's pace. I hope once I get past this bit future scenes with the two of them together come more easily. We'll see.

Look for the Tuesday morning song game tomorrow. Probably sometime after 10AM Pacific as usual, unless I get strenuous objections from the peanut gallery.
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