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Aw man, not another music game

Guess the song from the first line. More lines will be added as the week progresses. iTunes et. al. yes, Google no. Answers for last time -- one song unguessed.

Random Section
  1. [Song title]
    I'll be awake - "All Through the Night", Cyndi Lauper, luvmoose

  2. You had something to hide - "Policy of Truth", Depeche Mode, luvmoose

  3. You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar - "Don't You Want Me", Human League, luvmoose

  4. What'll you do when you get lonely - "Layla", Derek & the Dominos/Eric Clapton, letters_to_ed

  5. Your hand on his arm
    The hay stack charm around your neck
    Strung out and thin
    Calling some friend trying to cash some check - "Needle in the Hay", Elliott Smith, unguessed

  6. I was afraid you'd hit me if I'd spoken up I was - "Sympathetic Character", Alanis Morissette, letters_to_ed

  7. Everything is catching, yes - "Fingertips", They Might Be Giants, grue23

  8. All I need is what you've got
    all I'll tell is what you're not
    all you know is what you hear
    I get this way when you come near - "Touch and Go", The Cars, unguessed

  9. I got no means to show identification - "I Don't Remember", Peter Gabriel, grue23

  10. He's a movie star - "Spin the Bottle", The Juliana Hatfield 3, luvmoose

Theme Section
The songs in this section have something in common. Guess the songs, guess the theme.

  1. Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons
    Packed up and ready to go - "Life During Wartime", Talking Heads, regann

  2. You walked into the room - "Conventioneers", Barenaked Ladies, luvmoose

  3. Every time I think of you - "Bizarre Love Triangle", New Order, grue23

  4. I waited patiently for the Lord - "40", U2, peachespig

  5. Another suburban family morning - "Synchronicity II", The Police, luvmoose and grue23

Theme: Song title never appears in the song lyrics, regann

Tags: music game
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