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I think every dish in the house is dirty, but it was worth it. SE and SF came over for dinner and game last night, bearing artichokes, bread, and a mildly sweet flatbread topped with berries. Our contribution: three Dungeness crabs. We played mah johng for awhile (I hit a winning streak, my first in ages, which finally pulled me out of the cellar in the game we had running -- from deeply buried in last to tied for last place. Oh well, I'll take what I can get...), then had our artichoke course, followed by the crab course and then the dessert course. In between there was much conversation, much drinking of tea, and much tormenting of kittens. A very civilized and companionable evening all around.

Today shall be clean-up and writing. I tried to get some writing in yesterday, but it seemed like interruptions kept presenting themselves and I got maybe two sentences down. But this morning was productive, and I hope to continue on into the rest of the day. Of course, sometimes T has his own ideas about these things... ;)
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