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Tuesday afternoon music game

Guess the song from the first line. More lines will be added as the week progresses. iTunes et. al. yes, Google no. Answers for last time -- two songs unguessed.

Random Section
  1. A public service announcement followed me home the other day - "Bad Day", R.E.M., letters_to_ed

  2. I've had a question that's been preying on my mind for some time - "Perfect Love... Gone Wrong", Sting, helianthemum

  3. I don't mind you coming here - "Just What I Needed", The Cars, luvmoose

  4. Well it's about time - "Useless", Depeche Mode, luvmoose

  5. I don’t know why I love her like I do - "Take Me to the River", Talking Heads, grue23

  6. My name is [song title] - "Luka", Suzanne Vega, luvmoose

  7. I got a bunch of bananas and a bottle of bleach - "Plastic or Paper", The Bobs, helianthemum

  8. My promise could be your fiend - "Dreams Never End", New Order, grue23

  9. Hey little sister what have you done - "White Wedding", Billy Idol, luvmoose

  10. There are places I'll remember - "In My Life", The Beatles, peachespig

Theme Section
The songs in this section have something in common. Guess the songs, guess the theme.

  1. [song title, repeated]
    Let's not go home, we'll catch the late train - "Two Divided By Zero", Pet Shop Boys, luvmoose

  2. Day after day - "Add It Up", Violent Femmes, grue23

  3. When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful - "The Logical Song", Supertramp, letters_to_ed

  4. All alone at the end of the of the evening - "Take It To The Limit", The Eagles, letters_to_ed

  5. I, I went off to the right - "Love Plus One", Haircut 100, letters_to_ed

Theme: Math, peachespig

Tags: music game

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