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I'm no longer a bride... Now I'm just someone's wife!

And I couldn't be happier about it, seriously. No more planning! I no longer have to live my life according to the spreadsheet. Plus, now I'm married to T, which was the whole point of this exercise after all, and that makes me very happy indeed.

My husband (and how long until I get used to calling him that?) suggested that I write my wedding experiences down while they're still fresh in my mind. But I'm still processing the whole thing, too, so I don't know how coherent I can be. Of course, by the time I've finished processing, the immediate memories are likely to have faded, so that's the trade-off.

Aside from a few stressful moments -- getting behind schedule while getting dressed and made-up, discovering that I had accidentally written the wrong number on someone's placecard and so split up a couple and overbooked a table, etc. -- everything went really well. I did have a few moments where the whole thing felt rather surreal: am I really doing this? Is this really happening? Am I about to go walk into a room and get married? Am I actually standing up in front of a judge and saying wedding vows? The feeling passed quickly, of course. And I kind of expected it; I often feel that way when marking a life change (college graduation being the other big example). But it was still odd, kind of like I was detaching from the moment.

But overall it was amazing, and I'm glad I did it. Not just marrying T, but going to the trouble of having a wedding. Never before have I had so many people that were important to me in the same room. I actually got a little weepy toward the end, partly from relief that it was over, but I was sad, too, that my personal community was scattering, never to come together in exactly the same way.

See, I knew I would have trouble articulating this. Maybe I'll post again once I've processed more, gotten a little distance from the day's events, recovered with a week on a cruise ship.

Anyway, Amy!, Lori H., and Jed have all posted journal entries about the wedding. It's great to see other people's take on things so quickly, especially when they say such nice things! :) Plus the pictures of course -- I especially love Lori's shot of the cake. More pictures should be coming soon, maybe I'll post some of them here.
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