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Our downstairs neighbors are doing some work on their unit. When I came home last night, I was assaulted by some sort of chemical fumes, varnish or paint thinner or spray adhesive or something. I threw open a bunch of windows, and that cleared out the smell from downstairs, but with upstairs it did not help. We tried to open the skylight but there was too much rain, so we left a fan running all night instead. It helped, but I can still smell it. Bleah.

I really do love our apartment but there are some hateful things about living in a trendy building. All this remodeling -- feh.

Speaking of fuming, South Dakota. It is not often that something happens and my first reaction is "where do I send my check?" but this is one of those times. If you are so moved, Planned Parenthood has more information. NARAL is a good organization, too.

On to lighter topics. Song lyrics game today, around 10 AM PST.
Tags: activism, city life, civil rights, feminism, grr argh, politics

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