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Secrecy II

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So I was wrong about what was going to happen Friday; it happened today. Cake (an ice cream cake, chocolate chip, yum) and a Borders gift card (with which I will never argue) and a little but heartfelt farewell speech from my boss. Very sweet of them. I never became best friends with anyone here, but I do genuinely like most of these folks and will miss them. So it was nice.

It was supposed to be a surprise, but that aspect of it got a little wrecked when one of the instructors came by the library to find out why I wasn't there. "Aren't you coming to your own party?" she asked. "I thought that was tomorrow," I said. "No, the email said 12:30 on Thursday." (This was around 12:50.) Then the dean walked by and made shushing motions. Oops. Oh well, the attempt was made, and I appreciate that.
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