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New adventure begun

So I have survived my first day at my new workplace, excitement about the job intact and feeling only mildly overwhelmed.

I took the subway in, riding with T (this will not be typical, normally he goes in much later than I do). As I stepped out of the station and onto the escalator, I looked up and saw the school's main building, and then it occured to me: "Oh my god, this is really happening. Wow."

Spent the first hour or so filling out paperwork, of course, as one does at a new job. Then I went to my library, got the grand tour, met dozens of people whose names I will never remember (at least not for the first couple of months), spent a lot of time talking with my new boss (who is a bit intense and very dedicated to her job, but I think we're going to get along fairly well, which is good because we share an office -- eeee! I have an office! I've never had an office before!), poked around the library software and website, and just generally started getting acclimated to the place.

I feel like I should have a lot more to say, but my brain is full. Maybe after I've been there a few more days I can actually be more coherant. ;)
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