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election 2004 drinking game

I've been thinking for awhile that I'm going to need moral support on Election Night, and after discussion with E, he decided to host everyone for dinner and sympathy/celebration, whichever is needed. It seems like an event that requires a drinking game, and since I couldn't find one, here's my early stab at it.

A state or race is called - 1 sip
A state or race that has been called is taken back to "too close to call" - 1 drink
A state or race that has been called is reversed without passing through "too close to call" territory - 2 drinks
A race other than president, a US Congressional seat, or governorship is called - 1 drink
The commentators express surprise at the outcome of a race - 1 drink
A concession speech is shown - 1 drink
A victory speech is shown - 1 drink
Falling balloons are shown - 1 drink
Anyone on screen cries - 2 drinks
A recount is requested - finish your drink
Anyone spins an elaborate Electoral College scenario that would give the current presidential underdog a win - 1 drink

Words and phrases:
"Too close to call" - 1 sip
"Swing state" - 1 sip
"Ohio" - 1 sip
"Florida" - 1 sip
"Iraq" - 1 drink
"Osama bin Laden" - 1 drink
"War on terror" - 1 drink
"Same-sex marriage" (or any permutation thereof) - 1 drink
"Economic recovery" - 1 drink
"Job loss" - 1 drink
"Vietnam" - 1 drink
"Flip flop"or "flip flopper" - 1 drink
"The Supreme Court" - 1 drink
"The American people have spoken" - 1 drink
Any reference to the 2000 Florida recount - 1 drink
Dan Rather uses a folksy Southern expression - 1 drink
Anyone else uses a folksy Southern expression - 2 drinks
A Republican pundit says something nice about John Kerry - 1 drink
A Democratic pundit says something nice about George Bush - 1 drink
Anyone says something nice about Ralph Nader - 2 drinks
Anyone uses profanity and is censored - 1 drink
Profanity slips through without being censored - finish your drink

Any other suggestions?
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