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Fun and games

Baseball starts today! Okay, so it's just an exhibition game. And by that measure baseball started a long time ago. But today is the first day that people are flocking to my neighborhood to watch the local nine take the field, and that's always the first day in my mind. (There was the World Baseball Classic, which I suppose counted in a way. I was actually kind of excited about it -- would you have guessed that a commercial featuring Derek Jeter with an American flag superimposed on his face could have me bouncing up and down with glee? Me either. But then I tried watching a game, first-round USA vs. Mexico, and I just couldn't stomach the Yankee-worship. So I gave up on it. Maybe I shouldn't have. Oh well, maybe in four years.)

Yeah, it's overcast and misting and officially the equinox was last week, but in my mind, spring starts today. I even made a (really lousy) baseball icon in celebration! (Does anyone know a good place to find more? My icon-making skills are pretty woeful.)

I hope I'm able to maintain more interest than I did last year. The team is still mediocre at best, and the Bonds/steroids brough-ha-ha is still overshadowing the actual sport, but maybe the sheer awfulness of last season will lower my expectations enough that I can enjoy the game for what it is. It's early days, I am still able to be excited and bouncy. We'll see.

This week is my school's spring break. Normally we would work through it, but my boss decided that everyone needed a rest, and so she's shut down the library tomorrow. Three day weekend! It is a pure and glorious coincidence that Kingdom Hearts II is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I hope UPS comes early enough that I actually get some time to play it....

In honor of my day off, I think I'm going to pull together a song lyrics game. Probably sometime in the morning. Whee!
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