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Had dinner tonight with SE and SF at a new Vietnamese fusion place in downtown Mountain View, called Xanh. (Good food, awful website. It's the best way to see a menu, though.) The shaking beef and shrimp rolls, the two dishes I always try in such places, were both fine examples of their type.

For dessert, SE and I both had hazelnut mousse, which topped two layers of chocolate sponge cake and a hazelnut crisp. Most delicious. And nifty looking as well!



(The other fork is T's. He often "saves" me from having to eat a whole dessert. After seven years, I've learned to order with that in mind.)

Those of you with interest in Japanese culture may be amused to learn that the chocolate stem poking out of the mousse was actually a Pocky.

If you are local, in the area, and looking for good fusion, I definitely recommend it. They're fairly newish, so service is still a little iffy and slow, but they're friendly and enthusiatic, which makes up for a lot.
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