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november 2, 2004 stress

I have got to stop obsessively checking this site. I blame S, who is herself addicted, and who let me know about the page's existence in the first place.

At least I didn't spend the day obsessing over the Green Bay/Redskins game (T and I went to SFMoMA and then beat up monsters for awhile). Yes, Green Bay won, and that is good, but I have to believe that it doesn't Mean Anything.

Was I this stressed in late October 2000? I was worried, and nervous, but I don't think I was this consumed by it. Whenever I think about Tuesday, I get a really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Fear, worry, looking for hopeful signs for Kerry (see Slate page and Packers/Redskins, above), then trying not to believe in them when I find them -- because I'm afraid that if I believe and then he loses, I'll be much more crushed than if I resign myself to another four years of the Shrub. Except I can't imagine much worse than that, so how can I resign myself to it? And then there's the fear that nothing will be decided on election night anyway, that it's just the prelude to weeks and weeks of recounts and court challenges, and that makes me feel even worse.

I think I need to go kick some more monster ass. Since it's, y'know, illegal to shoot Dick Cheney and Karl Rove with fire arrows.
Tags: elections, grr argh, politics, the media

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