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the meme, it questions me

Via kunstarniki.

1) How many of your LJ friends do you know in RL? About a third.

2) How many different states/countries do you RL friends span? The whole country, and a couple overseas.

3) Do you live in the same state that you were born in? No

4) Ever been to a different country? Yes

5) If so, which ones? England, France, Spain, and Japan. Also brief stopovers in some Caribbean countries on my honeymoon; the only one of those I'd say that I've really *seen* is Mexico.

6) How many days a week do you spend with friends? 2-3, on average

7) How many RL friends do you have that you see regularly? From LJ? Maybe a dozen? And probably half of those are on LJ, ish.

8) What would you do if you had to wear an ankle alarm and could not leave your house? That's why God made the Internet. And television, and books, and videogames, and friends who can come visit me. Although see below.

9) Have you ever gone a week without leaving the house? No. I think I'd probably go mad. I can't even be cooped up at home for a couple of days without starting to feel a little stir-crazy.

10) Would you rather spend major holidays with friends or family? A mixture is ideal.

11) Do you have a good relationship with your parents? It's satisfactory.

12) Did you ever run away from home? No

13) Do you consider yourself a happy person? Most of the time.

15) Do you obsess about things? Yes

16) Do you have a bf/gf? Does a husband count? ;)

17) Are you religious? Not really

18) Do you exercise? Not nearly as much as I ought to.

19) When you get really stressed do you keep going or shut down? Usually I keep going. It has to be really bad for me to shut down.

20) Lastly, creationist or evolutionist? Evolutionist, definitely. Although to be honest I don't see any inherant conflict between these two viewpoints. My parents are Christians who believe that God created the universe and then evoution happened. Anyway.

You can always tell when these were written with teenagers in mind. Nothing against the teenagers, of course, I enjoy you all, but it's clear when these sorts of memes come from the viewpoint of someone much younger than I. I have, from time to time, been tempted to come up with a question list geared towards us decrepit adults, but I've never been able to think of anything really clever. So I'll leave that to someone else.
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