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adult question meme

Ha, it worked! I induced someone more creative than I (kunstarniki) to come up with a question and answer meme! ;)

1. When you think about yourself, do you call yourself girl or boy or man or woman? Woman

2. Do you value your job for the work itself or only for the money? For the work itself. I picked the wrong field to go into it for the money.

3. What was the happiest period of your life - so far? Probably the early years at the dotcom. I loved my job for the first time ever, I was well into a good relationship, and my social circle was solidfying into the current core group I have now. If things keep going well at the library, though, I think it may well surpass that.

4. Are you in a committed relationship? Yes.

5. Do you still feel a sense of dependence on your parents? No. I enjoy their company, but my relationship with them is somewhat distant and I prefer it that way.

6. Are you willing to defer satisfaction or do you want what you want now? It depends. I'm pretty impatient, but if I feel pretty confident that I will get what I want eventually I can wait.

7. Do you have pets? What kind? Two cats.

8. Do you ever expect to be really, really rich? No. (See my answer to #3. Although if T stays in the tech industry, I suppose anything is possible.)

10. Is religion a major factor in your life? Nope. Unless you count the way that other people's religion has intruded into the political sphere.

11. Do you envy people who drive SUVs? Good lord no. I hate them passionately, as a matter of fact. (The SUVs, not the people. The people I just find irritating.)

12. In your opinion, is a lie ever acceptable? If so, when? I think so. If you help someone save face, and the person lied to is neither hurt by the lie or likely to find it out. That's an extrememly rare circumstance, though.

13. Do you sleep with your window open? The answer to this question is still no. ;)

14. Do you own or rent your dwelling place? Own.

15. How many books do you possess? Lots. Too many. Not enough.

16. What sort of motion picture do you most enjoy? From what era? My tastes are really random. I like modern and classic film, epics and romances and comedies and science fiction and political stuff. I really can't narrow down my tastes enough to answer this question.

17. Do you eat three meals a day? Almost always. Occasionally if breakfast comes late I won't eat lunch.

18. Would you conduct a long-distance affair with a significant other? Sure, if they were important enough to me.

19. Do you keep clothes and other items when you know you should discard them? Oh yes. I am the original packrat.

20. Why do you answer prying memes like this? Because they amuse me. And I enjoy seeing what other people say about themselves and feel like I ought to return the favor. ;)

Bonus Question - Do you answer the telephone "This is (name)" or "I am (name)? "This is", always.
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