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KH report, FFX obsession edition

I finished the Auron plotline in Kingdom Hearts II today. I was right -- he had another arc. It was too short, but then I always knew that would be the case, and there was one bit I found so satisfying that I am still in sighing fangirl mode. Also, it seems likely that I can go back and pound on Heartless with him any time I like now, so hooray for that. ;)

Yesterday I got the first Y-R-P scene, and it was perfectly done. So beautiful I had to reload the game and watch it again; fortunately, I was very near a save. There must be more with them, and I'm much less certain where that's going to go, so I look forward to that. I guess I'll just have to wait and see!

Lastly, I also had my first meeting with Sephiroth yesterday. He's voiced by the same actor who played Nooj in FFX-2, which I find both somewhat jarring and oddly appropriate....
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