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oh the things I've seen

Map meme snagged from GC. It must have made the rounds awhile ago, but I couldn't resist.

create your own personalized map of the USA
or write about it on the open travel guide

I already knew about the my main gaps -- the Southwest, the Great Plains, New England (although now that luvmoose lives there I should be able to get to those states). But I had forgotten that I haven't really been to many states of the Deep South, either. I didn't count states that I've only driven through once (or taken the train through, or stopped at an airport in) unless I clearly remember stopping and doing something there other than eat and buy gas. The count of states I've physically been in is somewhat higher -- that gets me the South (mostly from the fast road trip my family took from Iowa to Florida to see my dying grandfather when I was 10), the Southwest (I drove through at breakneck speed to get home from Bryn Mawr for Christmas my frosh year; we made the trip in literally 60 hours, so I didn't see much -- I think I slept through all of Texas), and Rhode Island (took the train through once to get from Boston to Philadelphia). But I don't feel like that really counts as "visiting" a state.

I would like to get to every state eventually. I'd love to do big road trips to catch my gaps. I missed my best chance for the Great Plains, though, the year that S was living in Montana. I meant to visit her. We even talked about going to Yellowstone, where I've also never been. But T had no interest and I never ended up having the time and the money simultaneously to go by myself.

I wonder if there's a similar map-making thing for the countries of the world?
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