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bleah and not so bleah

I've been sick all weekend -- first noticed the tickle in my throat on Friday evening and have spent the rest of the weekend nursing what turned into a stupid spring cold. This morning was the worst. Fortunately it seems to be lightening now, which is good because the next couple of days at work will be busy busy. The three-hour nap I took this afternoon was definitely a good idea, although I hope that doesn't mean I'm up until all hours thanks to a messed-up sleep schedule.

A few bright spots, fortunately. I spent several hours going back and forth with Ikon on a pivotal scene in DSHnD, our two boys holding a very important conversation. It's something we've been planning for awhile but I don't think either of us really expected just how key it was going to be. Plot momentum, character development, the whole shebang. And not only did the scene come out well, the process of writing it was a blast. Nothing quite like trading paragraphs, shifting direction when a scene takes an unexpected turn, and watching it all come together beautifully in the end. Now I'm all eager to post it, although it's at least a couple of chapters away. Mustn't rush, mustn't rush.

I also poked at the story for the badfic challenge. That one I'm having a much harder time with; I think it's having to shift into a different Auron who's in a very different place. But I think I've found my hook, and with luck it should be done this week.

The Kingdom Hearts playing continues, of course. (New userpic!) I unlocked some key story bits this weekend, and I think I may be heading for the endgame. As always with a game I'm enjoying, I'm torn between eagerness to see how it all comes out and reluctance to see it end.

Then there are cats...

... sharing the chair...

... helping with laundry...

... examining the outside world...

... and, naturally, sleeping.

Fairly large new batch in the gallery.
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