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Twenty things...

So that "20 random facts about me" meme is making the rounds again. I did this one awhile ago, but I've also been meeting lots of new people lately, so I figured I'd post a pointer.

And now, ten fast-fact bonus items!

1. I am mildly allergic to cats.
2. I love to bake, although I don't do it much these days.
3. I used to collect marbles, and I still have an industrial-size pickle jar full of them.
4. I was a math minor in college.
5. I played the flute for five years, during late elementary school and junior high. I gave it up in high school because I didn't have time for band and chorus, and I decided to stick with singing because the music teacher was known to be better as a choral conductor.
6. I'm addicted to The Apprentice -- it's by far my guiltiest television pleasure. Normally I can't stand reality television and I hate everything Donald Trump stands for, but I find the show oddly compelling. Partly this is because it's one of the only shows T and I watch together, but I can't claim that as the only reason.
7. Although baseball is the only sport of which I really call myself a fan, I can happily watch almost any sporting event (boxing and wrestling excepted).
8. I dislike living alone. I am always more content when another person shares my living space.
9. I have no head for finance, and in fact have a very difficult time forcing myself to think about managing money in any way.
10. I have an excellent memory for random facts. Don't challenge me to any sort of trivia contest lightly.... ;)
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