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Drabble request two

Title: Aftermath
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: PG
Set: Pre-game
Spoilers: Crimson Sphere 8
Pairings: Nothing overt
Prompt: Some or all of the Crimson Squad in flashback. For xerne.
Notes: True drabble (exactly 100 words). Territory I've covered before, but from a very different direction this time.

The world snapped back into focus and Nooj's hand tightened around the gun, smooth metal anchoring him to reality. Then his fingers went slack as he saw the bodies lying on the ground. Light from the setting sun gently touched her face; blood bloomed from her wounded stomach.

Lurching forward, kneeling by her side, he scrambled for her pulse and found it, weakly beating in her neck. She lived; he could breathe again.

"What... did I do? Why...?"

Wondering had to wait. He stood and shouted for help as, without really knowing why, he flung the weapon into the sea.
Tags: drabble, ffx-2, fic, meme, p/n

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