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Drabble request three

Title: Plans
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: PG
Set: Pre-FFX
Spoilers: Minor, for Beclem
Pairings: N/A
Prompt: Beclem, in a scene where he's "a little more human." For yuna_flowering.
Notes: Another 100-word drabble. More characters that I haven't touched much, but it came fairly easily for all that.

"What will you do if we beat Sin?"

Chappu took the mug that Beclem offered. "Go back home to Besaid, and Lulu. Used to say I'd give her the Cup as a wedding gift, but the Calm would be better, ya?"

"Indeed." Beclem sipped his own drink. "The perfect time to start a new life."

"Yevon willing, it'll be soon. Maybe even this morning, if these babies work as good as the Al Bhed promised." Chappu checked his machina weapon.

"Yevon willing." Beclem slapped his friend on the back, then turned to watch the sun rising over the Djose Shore.
Tags: aftermath, drabble, ffx-2, fic, meme

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