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First of all, I finally got around to watching this week's Lost today.

Oh my god. Oh My God. Did that really actually happen? Ieeee. I have a feeling next's week's episode is not going to sit around on the Tivo for five days like this one did.

Okay, so then I recovered from that and watched West Wing.

So first Danny almost made me cry and then Toby almost made me cry (why is it that he and CJ never managed to get together, anyway? Oh, right, because she's totally in love with Danny and he's still carrying a torch for his ex-wife. Okay, fine) and then Danny almost made me cry again because he actually did make CJ cry and they are just so wonderful together. CJ coming around to the realization that she wants a life rather than two more years of the White House was beautifully done. It seemed to me that Danny was giving CJ pretty much the exact same speech that Donna gave Josh about the window of opportunity, and I enjoyed that, too. It seems very realistic to me, that to love these people who are so devoted to their jobs takes a firm hand, as well as a special kind of dedication all its own.

The scene with Will and... blond NSA chick whose name I am completely blanking on right now as he made his realization that what he really wants to do is run for office was note-perfect as well. At first I thought he was going to suggest that she run, but when she turned it around on him it all felt so right.

I hope Toby gets his pardon. I suppose it's not terribly realistic, given the speech that Jed gave right before Toby was escorted out, but still, I feel very sad about the idea of Toby wasting away in prison, even if he does deserve to be there.

Anyway, all in all it was such a lovely winding-down episode and I'm going to be very sorry to see it all come to an end next week.

Oh yeah, and I finished Kingdom Hearts II on Friday night. It was a satisfying end. I don't really feel "done" with it, though -- I know I missed out on a lot, and I really want to see how it goes on the top difficulty level at some point. (And of course I'm eager to play through the Auron bits again; I'm so predictable.) I'm taking a break from it for now, though, to work on Lego Star Wars with T (assuming I can ever pry him away from Elder Scrolls IV again). It's a little silly, but it's also lot of fun; if you enjoy cooperative games and don't mind a platformer, I recommend it.
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