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Right now, at this moment, they are painting the hallways on my floor red.

Not a subtle red, either, but bright bright bright, tending just a little toward the orange. If you're thinking this, you wouldn't be too far off. Red is one of our school colors (black being the other), and I'm sure this is someone's idea of school spirit. Or corporate branding. Actually, now that I think of it, I vote for the latter.

This change has been the cause of very many opinions, as you might imagine. The director of the Interior Design department, who has her office on this floor, is outraged. Like, to the point of writing email to the visiting regional VP who made the "suggestion" to paint it this color. My boss hates it, too. Other comments have ranged from "I think it might be a bit much" to "how cool" to "anything is better than the boring white it was before" to "Redrum! Redrum!"

As for me, well. I commisserated with my boss and with the ID director (since I work with her pretty closely). Sometimes it's better to just agree. But secretly, just between you and me and the thousands of other people on LiveJournal, I actually kinda like it.
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