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I've always wondered whether working in a bookstore would be a good back-up job for this librarian type. Now I get to find out -- yesterday, I accepted a seasonal retail position at the new local Borders. My main concern is that I'll hate being on my feet all day. If I'm mostly walking around, it should be okay, but standing in one place for long periods of time can get to me. But I'm also excited, because I'm going to be surrounded by books all day. Oooh, books.

It doesn't pay terribly well (but then what retail job does). The hourly rate is around minimum wage, and I asked for only about 30 hours a week (mostly to leave enough time for real job hunting), so I won't exactly be getting rich here. But it will help make up some of the cash gap. T is a little dubious about the whole exercise. He pointed out that I was making more doing nothing when I was still getting unemployment. While this is true, the unemployment ran out in October, so that well is dry. If I wanted more money, I'll have to go earn it. Also, I think I need to get back in the habit of working. Maybe part-time employment will ease me back into it.

I start training tomorrow, and then we'll see.
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