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TWW finale

The finale was nice, marked all the right moments, but in the end it didn't feel like the farewell to the characters that I wanted. In part, I think that's because some of the characters weren't saying farewell the way we were -- Josh, Sam, and Donna all moving back into the White House just as we were all preparing to leave it really didn't hit the right emotional notes for me. In a way, I think I would have gotten more closure if Santos had lost, if we had seen the near-strangers on Vinick's team making a respectful entrance as all our old friends were heading out. Instead we have this feeling of "over but not over, life goes on but you won't get to see it", which is vaguely unsatisfying.

Also, no Toby? Yes, the whole bit with his pardon made him a presence in a way, but I wanted him there. They couldn't have taken a few seconds to show him at home, watching the inauguration on TV? Because you know he was. And then he's interrupted by a phone call....

There were a few lovely things. Jed saying goodbye to Charlie. Will tossing Toby's ball against the wall. "WWLD?" But for me, the real finale was last week, seeing CJ trying to decide what to do with the rest of her life and having those glorious moments with Toby and Danny. This was just a postscript. A tasteful, well-executed postscript, but nonetheless.

I'm glad the show got these last two seasons. If they had cancelled it back when NBC first threatened to, I would probably have had a bad taste in my mouth. As it is, it didn't quite go out on the top of its game, but there was a definite return to form, and I appreciate that. At its best, it was one of the greatest shows ever, and I am going to miss it.
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