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For almost as long as I can remember, "Learn and perform Mozart's Requiem" has been on my list of things to do before I die. I can now cross that item off the list. (Metaphorically speaking. I know some people keep such a list in physical form; I am not one of them.) The thought really struck me this evening right before we started singing, just as Steve raised his baton. "I'm really going to get to do this!" And that feeling carried through the first three movements, then came back again at the end. That was a new experience for me. Pretty amazing, really.

Normally I am more than ready to be finished by the end of a concert, mostly because I find standing and singing for so long to be physically demanding. Not today -- it was over much too fast.

This will probably never be my very favorite piece of choral music; that honor probably goes to the Brahms, or maybe the Duruflé, depending on my mood. But the experience of singing the Mozart will quite possibly remain one of my top musical moments.
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