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On impulse, I cruised by the SF Giants website to see if there were decent seats left for tonight's game. Lo and behold, there were. So we got them. And we went.

Most years, I try to get to a game every month or so, but last year the team was so disappointing that I only managed to go once. The team isn't really all that much better this year, but I find baseball has been more in my conciousness this season. Maybe because Barry Bonds is back in the lineup this year, or maybe because I've found a couple of good blogs to follow, or maybe because, as not amazing as this team is, it's still an improvement and so I have a little more hope.

Well, whatever the reason, I'm glad I went. The game was close throughout, the outcome in doubt until the very end, but not so much so that I was on pins and needles. Good pitching, timely hitting, a couple of great catches by Steve Finley (the Giants have been trying to snag him for years, and I'm so glad they finally managed to pick him up), and two triples, which is something I don't think I've ever seen in person before. And, of course, a win. I can enjoy a good ballgame even if the Giants lose, but... oh, who am I kidding? A win makes everything better.

The crowd was into it the whole time, which always helps the ballgame experience, but they really came alive twice. The first time was in the fifth inning, when the Rockies walked two players in a row to bring up Bonds with two outs and the bases loaded. Naturally this brought everyone to their feet, shouting, clapping, cameras out and ready. And, then on the very first pitch.... he hit a very high pop-up to third and ended the inning. Talk about anti-climactic!

The second time? Booing Jose Mesa. Wow, that was a serious boo. I've never experienced anything quite like that at Pacific Bell/SBC/AT&T/whatever phone company we're naming it after this week Park. They booed him when he came out to bullpen and they really booed him when they took the mound. The umpire went out to have a few words with him before the inning started. They must have worked because nothing happened -- it was a nice simple three-up, three-down inning, no dramatics whatsoever. Of course, Omar Vizquel didn't come up to bat. I really wonder what would have happened if he had.

It was fun. I don't have plans to go again until my annual family game with my parents and uncle in August (or maybe it's September), but I should try to get to at least one more.
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