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Even though all of you who care have moved on from this by now....

I finally got around to watching "Advent Children" today. Never mind that it's been in the house for several weeks, and that the library copy came several days before that. (Yep, I talked my boss into ordering "Advent Children" for the library. It's an art school, we have programs in animation and game design, it was a natural fit. I had to convince her that it was something different from "The Spirits Within", but after that it was an easy sell. Why yes, I do love my job. Anyway.)

I was entertained. Very pretty, excellent animation, gorgeous fight sequences. The plot was basically nonsensical and spent way too much time on Cloud for my tastes, but I expected that. Okay, so he is the star, but there could have been a tad more balance, yes? However, hints of canon Cloud/Tifa certainly make me happy.

I enjoyed many of the fight scenes but the big group battle with the summon (was that meant to be Bahamut? I'm not familiar enough with FFVII to be sure) was the best, closely followed by Tifa's fight with Loz -- that felt the most like a game battle, but in a good way. Complete with a victory fanfare at the end! (Which completely cracked me up. Is that wrong? And is it wrong that I totally want that ringtone now?) I also enjoyed Cloud's motorcycle as sword carrier, and of course that final move on Sephiroth was a classic.

Bringing back Sephiroth was well done (I never got used to hearing Nooj's voice coming out of his mouth, though) -- the moment when he morphs back into Kadaj might have been the most visually appealing scene in the whole movie, which is saying something. "I'll never be just a memory"-- brr.

The whole Aeris-as-mother-goddess thing was a little heavy-handed, but appropriate to both the story and her character arc. Seeing her walk into the metaphorical sunset with Zack, restored to Cloud as a bittersweet but no longer crushing memory really worked for me as an ending, and under-credits scene aside I prefer to think of it as truly ending that way.

Did enjoy the scenes with Rufus Shinra and the Turks. I understand why Reno and Rude have become such fan favorites. I will never argue with some good snarky ass-kicking. Rufus hiding the MacGuffin -- I mean, "Jenova" -- in plain sight was excellent, even if not completely well-thought out at the end.

It was worth watching. I'll probably check some of the special features -- any of them particularly worth watching? -- and I expect T will want to watch it at some point. He'll ask for the subtitles, so that will make for an interesting comparison.
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