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posting announcement and other writing news

The latest chapter of DSHnD is up at the usual location. Read and enjoy!

For once we don't have the next chapter completely finished -- a key scene that's going to be non-trivial to write only exists in outline. But the chapter after that is almost completely done and has been for weeks, and it's one I've been dying to get to and I can't believe how close that one is to being presented to our public. So I have an incentive.

Also, dear god what have I done? (Scroll down to the bottom.)

But it will give me a good central place to store all my Paine plot bunnies that aren't developed enough for real stories. And as far as I can tell the mod only pokes you if you don't post anything for two months, so it's not like there's lots of pressure. It shouldn't take away from my other writing time. Or so I keep telling myself. ;) We'll see what happens.

(Oh yeah, more lines.)
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