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Chocolate... find?

One of the thing about being a cashier at Borders is that there are truffles on the counter -- we sell Lindt Lindor Balls in several flavors. I love Lindt truffles. Well, I love Lindt generally. Okay, fine, it's chocolate, all of it, everywhere. But Lindt dark chocolate truffles are on the "particularly fond of" chocolate list. So I have to look at them every time I work, often for several hours at a time. Naturally, chocolate cravings result. Today, I was out and about on appointments (hair salon, dentist) and I happened to be not too far from a Cost Plus. Cost Plus often carries Lindor truffle bars, so I stopped by. They didn't have the dark chocolate, but they did have something else: a special holiday blend. This truffle bar was made of milk chocolate, filled with chocolate-hazelnut ganache, and flavored with cardamom and cinnamon. I could not pass up such an intriguing combination, so I bought it.

Upon popping a piece of the bar into my mouth, the first word that came into my head to describe the flavor was "fascinating!" The chocolate taste came first, followed immediately and quite strongly by the cardamom. The cinnamon flavor was much more subtle, and I didn't taste the hazelnut until enough of the chocolate shell had melted away to bring out the ganache. Incredibly dense and complex flavor. I'm not sure I could say whether I liked it, but it was quite a taste experience, definitely worth trying.

I also picked up a bag of raspberry Lindor balls, and no ambivalence there. Yum.
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