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poof moose

"Poof moose" is what T calls me when I disappear upstairs to write and/or chat. And that's what I'll be from tomorrow evening through early next week, when I disappear into the wilds of my vacation. I'm heading off to Boston to spend some time with luvmoose and anzubird. Many plans are in the works, including a Red Sox game (wooooo!), They Might Be Giants (I haven't seen a real TMBG show in almost a decade), a visit to Newport, RI, a stop by the beach, and high tea at the Boston Harbor Hotel (think anyone will notice if I dump a crate or two into the water?).

But of course, it's not really about all that; it's about getting a break from work, some different scenery, and some quality time with two of my favorite people, and what beats that? Nothing, that's what. Excellent.
Tags: friends, travel

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