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Tonight I threw myself a birthday party. Now, my birthday is in March. But that was a crazy time for me this year -- it was a concert week, and I was wrapping things up at my old job and psyching myself up for the new one -- and I just didn't have time to deal with doing anything to celebrate. So I decided, instead, to have a party on my 1/3rd birthday. It's my 33-1/3rd birthday, and I found the numerological coincidence irresistable. I invited friends to bring themselves and lots of chocolate, loaded up the iPod with all my 80s music (you know, the stuff we all used to have on vinyl), and we hung out and chatted and had a good time. Now I am content, if stuffed. Truffles and chocolate bars and fruit dipped in fudge and Lindor balls and R's mint brownies and Godiva martinis and... oooh. Yum yum. A very decedant night. We can all use one of those once in awhile.

On a lark, I invited a couple of far-away friends, not really expecting any of them to come. But luvmoose found a way, and so she's here for the weekend. She's here right now, as a matter of fact, sleeping on the spare futon. We had much fun today, shopping for treats and drinks and then going for our traditional pedicure -- my toenails are a lovely shade of dark teal now. Very fun. Tomorrow we're planning to see the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie with R & S. It's not reviewing terribly well, but I don't find myself caring all that much. We're going to see explosions and fight scenes and Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, not fine cinema. Should be fun.
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