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My two cents on "Pirates"

So we did indeed see PoTC this afternoon, and it was about what I expected: several improbable escapes, a nubmer of swashbuckling swordfights, some creepy moments, some touching moments, some attractive men, a couple of whopping surprises, and an entertaing afternoon overall. Definitely a spectacle. I'm glad I saw it on the big screen.

They really should have splashed a "To Be Continued" across the screen right before the closing credits. I was not spoiled for Barbossa's reappearance, so I nearly jumped out of my seat with surprise -- and glee. What a cliffhanger!

But the funniest thing happened in the audience. A small group of people in pirate costumes showed up right before the film started. They all took seats in the front row, bantering in pirate speak and trying to get the rest of us to join in, finally coaxing a big "Arrr!" from the crowd just before the lights went down. They kept it up between the previews, resulting in much shushing. They let out one last "Arrr!" as the film opened -- to a silent shot of the ocean. Many annoyed hisses followed, and then someone in the back row shouted, "Yeah, because we're missing so much dialog!" Totally cracked us up. As I figured they would, the costumed group settled down and never talked inappropriately. Sometimes I think it would be fun to go all-out fannish to a movie like that. Never have, though. Unless Rocky Horror counts....
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