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My cat is not doing well. She's gradually been going off her food for the last couple of weeks, and has apparently spent this evening hiding in corners, crying, and vomiting white foam (at least four times in two hours, according to T -- I was out for most of the day). She has kidney disease, but normally it's controlled by diet and her own drinking. But she's lost a rather alarming amount of weight (and she didn't really have any to lose), and this is the second time in the last month or so that she's had a vomiting attack like this. We do have a vet appointment tomorrow, which is good. They can probably give her fluids, but I'm worried, and so is T. He feels pretty strongly about not going to heroic measures. I agree in theory, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up on her yet. I guess we just have to see what the vet says.

When she was first diagnosed with kidney failure, I knew a downhill slide would come eventually. But she's only 6 years old, so I was really hoping that it wouldn't be so soon. Of course, whenever it happens, it will be too soon. Sigh.

Update: 12/22/04, 2:30 AM It's over. Nadia died about an hour ago. We were with her, and she was ready to go. More details when I am ready to talk about them.
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