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Spread the love meme

Ganked and adapted from cupcakemonster. I never do these things because I always feel bad about not being able to include everyone. So please be assured: even if you don't think you recognize yourself, don't assume that I don't care, or enjoy having you around. I appreciate you all, and every single one of you enhances my life. Really. I mean that.

"Chose 10 15 people from your friends list and say something about why they are special to you."

1. I so admire your devotion to your animals and your friends. You are one of the sweetest people I know.

2. Life has kept us from being as close as we once were and I miss that. I'm glad we keep in touch through LJ.

3. You are the one person I can always count on not to let me get away with anything. I need that. You are one of the best friends anyone could ever have and I love you.

4. I have met some of the coolest people ever through you and your efforts, including you.

5. I so appreciate that I can be both serious and silly with you. We should keep this going for a long time.

6. The fierceness of your loyalty is a wonderful thing.

7. Chatting with you about fandom and writing and randomness is one of my greatest online pleasures. Never worry about bugging me; I'm so glad that you do.

8. The story we created together is one of the best things I've ever done and I'm really glad we've stayed in touch.

9. The above goes double (triple, quadruple, five million times over) for you. The way we feed off each other creatively is amazing to me, and I am so happy to count you as both a collaborator and a friend.

10. Your music knowledge astounds me! I can always count on you to get that one last obscure tune.

11. There's no way to encapsulate everything you've meant to me over the years in this format, so I won't even try. So much love.

12. I appreciate your honesty more than I can say. Praise from you means twice as much because I can believe I've earned it.

13. You're one of the genuinely kindest and most caring people I know, and I wish I saw more of you.

14. Your work is incredible and I'm glad I finally got up the courage to tell you so.

15. Your enthusiasm about my writing means a lot to me. Thanks so much for that, and for being a friend.
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