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This has been one of those times when everything seems to happen at once. Traveling. Houseguests. A full social calendar, including throwing two parties in less than a month (when I hadn't hosted one in well over a year). Short-staffed at work during a busy cycle. Friends having life crises both large and small. Any one of these things, and I could deal with it fine. All of them at once? Maybe a little much.

I got to take today (Friday) off work, which was nice. I purposefully made no plans -- my main goal was to sit around the house. A noble goal easy accomplished. Finally finished Memoirs of a Geisha, which was very good, and polished off a good chunk of a semi-trashy romance novel (a Jennifer Cruise I hadn't gotten around to reading, Bet Me; it's quite entertaining so far). I also wrote a little bit (not much, but more than I'd done in a week, and I was relatively satisfied with it) and fooled around with a replay of KH II. Then T came home, and we made dinner (something we haven't done in ages) and then spent the rest of the night spacing out on baseball (first the Giants game, and then we caught the last few innings of the epic battle between the Padres and the Braves). It was exactly the kind of non-productive day I needed, although I'm still somewhat tired. I could probably use a couple. But I didn't work today because I have to go in tomorrow (Saturday). At least the library should be fairly quiet. Maybe I can get some more slothfulness in on Sunday. That's the plan anyway; we'll see if it happens.
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