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So today I went to see the new Superman movie with E.

I never realized I was such a Superman fan. But sitting there in the darkened theater, I found myself leaning forward in my seat at the Marlon Brando voiceover. And then the familiar strains of music started, with the blue-white credits swooping by and the big red "S" emblazoned across the screen, and I got shivers. Real, goosebumpy, fangirl shivers. I have to admit, it was pretty exciting.

Brandon Rauth, the actor who plays Superman, was new to me. I realize opinions differ on this (E disagreed with me, for one), but I think he must have spent months studying film of Christopher Reeve, because I thought he got the imitation down just perfectly. The way he moved, the way he talked -- both the sound of his voice and the cadence of his speech -- all the little mannerisms were just right. As Superman *and* as Clark Kent. I found him a worthy successor to Reeve in the part, even if they did have to give him blue contact lenses. Kate Bosworth made a decent Lois Lane (actually I think Parker Posey would have been perfect in that role instead, although I also thought she was great as Lex Luthor's sidekick. But Parker Posey looks *a lot* more like Margot Kidder in my opinion), and James Marsden did a wonderful job in the thankless role of Lois's new love interest. Here's a guy the audience is not primed to root for, but you can't help it, because he's a nice guy, and a good father, and clearly crazy about Lois, and he's going to lose in the end because he's up against Superman and how do you compete with that? I ended up feeling rather sorry for him. Kevin Spacey made a fine Lex Luthor. Just the right amount of over-the-top amoral evil. Not quite as snarky as Gene Hackman's Luthor, a slightly different take on the character, but one which I enjoyed.

One thing did sort of bother me. Okay, so this is meant to be a direct sequel to the first two Superman movies (ignoring 3 and 4, which is fine with me because they were pretty bad). And in the second movie, Clark and Lois have an affair, which ultimately they have to abandon, and Superman wipes Lois's memory so she doesn't have to live with the knowledge that she can't have him. Why, then, is he still after Lois, when he knows that route can only lead to disaster? During the one obligatory moment when Clark's glasses come off while he's helping Lois gather up the stuff that's fallen out of her purse, and for just a moment he looks at her, and my first thought was "are you sure you want to go there again?" then replaced the glasses before she noticed, and I wondered if he was thinking the same thing.

Plus, shouldn't Lois now be awfully confused about how Jason came to be?

I know, I know, applying logic to a superhero movie. Very silly of me. I thumped E for doing the same thing. Fortunately, I enjoyed the movie enough that I didn't think too hard about any of this while it was going on.
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