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News flash!

I saw the headline for this story while getting coffee this morning, so of course I had to go take a look:

The Truth About Blogging: Lots of us do it, and it's not political, according to study. Gee, half of bloggers are women! And most bloggers write about their livesm not politics, and they don't consider themselves journalists. Popular myths about blogging, shattered!

Seriously, is this a surprise to anyone who has been on the Internet for more than 20 minutes? Most bloggers are diarists, not journalists, and anyone who learns about blogs by reading them, rather than by reading reports about them, already knows that.

You can find the full report here if you have any interest. (That link goes straight to a PDF.) You can also take the survey they used for the study. I mostly went looking to see if keeping an LJ counted as "blogging", and it does. (They also count MySpace, which I suppose can be used in a blog-like fashion, although I don't know how many of their users do.)
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