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Love meme: fanfic review edition

Ganked from parron, who came up with the idea. And a fine idea it is.

"Say something nice about the fanfiction of your LJ friends."

If you aren't on this list, it's because you don't (to my knowledge) write fanfic, or I haven't read enough of your writing to comment. (Someday, I promise, I will do my best to catch up with all of you!)

auronlu: First, I really admire your dedication to your 'ship, to the point where you got a vibrant and active community of fans together, and wish I had the energy and guts to do something similar. That same dedication shows through in your writing, especially in the care you take with the characters, and I admire that as well.

heyheyrenay: You write the best Wakka of anyone I know; I adore your characterization of him. I've always liked Wakka/Rikku, but your stories, both with cupcakemonster and alone, have really brought me on board the 'ship.

cosmorific: RPS isn't generally my cup of tea but I enjoy yours a great deal. Even in quickie smutfics you work in interesting characterizations, and that's something I really appreciate.

cupcakemonster: I love that you can write anything, and do. Humor, tragedy, smut, crack... you do it all, and so well. There's an honesty to your stories, even when it shows that you tossed one off quickly. Maybe even especially at those times.

hellbait: You took what was quite possibly the most difficult piece of The Confessional and turned it into a thing of beauty. I hope you get back into writing fanfic someday.

parron: I've told you this before, but I'll say it again: no one is better than you at taking a crack plot and making it work. Anyone who can make me intrigued by Paine/Leblanc ought to have more confidence in her writing skills. Trust in your abilities; I do.

iamleaper: I love the way you show the world through Gippal's eyes. I get the impression you have fun when you write and the way that shows through is great.

kunstarniki: Your dedication to turning over every rock that might possibly be hiding something of Nooj's character is astounding. And I am awed over and over by your powers of description. Maybe we've worked together too much for me to be objective about your writing anymore, but from this subjective position I can say I still find it to be pretty damned amazing.

madlori: I don't know if I would have ever thought to write fanfic if it weren't for you, and I owe you for that, big time. Your description and dialogue and characterization are all simply wonderful (and someday I will catch up with your more recent work, I swear!).

mneme_forgets: You are such a talented writer overall but more than anything I admire your knack for humor. Comedy is so difficult to write well, but you always manage to pull it off.

rabbitprint: I enjoy your FF work, but this stuff you're coming up with for KH is just fabulous. Your portrayal of the Organization is so different, so rich, and I love it, whether it's Vexen being an awkward academic or a crazy crossover short.

regann: You really inhabit Quistis beautifully, and I look forward to seeing you explore the FFX-2 world more -- this SGA crossover is completely fascinating so far.

sphekiko: "Closest" is one of my favorite fanfics ever and I recommend it every opportunity I get. It's a fascinating idea written well, and so different from most other FFX fanfic. A real accomplishment. Thank you.

xerne: You give Cid Kramer such bittersweet depths and it's wonderful. You, too, inhabit the characters you write, and it really shows.

yuna_flowering: When you trust the characters and your own ideas you come up with great ones. I look forward to seeing where you go with your crossover plans.
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