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Things I have learned this week

* It's a lot more tolerable to work a crazy work schedule when I know that the end is in sight.

* Although I'm still a hot weather person and in general would rather be too hot than too cold, I do have my limits. The fog finally rolled in a few days back and I almost cheered.

* Watching a cat groom is quite soothing. Watching one cat groom another is doubly so.

* The only thing better than getting postcards you'd forgotten to expect in the mail is getting a package you weren't expecting at all.

* All expectations to the contrary, the parking lot at the Asian grocery store will still be incredibly busy at 1:30 on a Friday afternoon.

* Working Saturdays is much easier when I'm not the only staff member in the library.

* Writing battle scenes still does not come naturally to me. I spent most of the weekend fighting with one (no pun intended -- well, okay, maybe it is), and grabbing at every distraction that offered. Then I got the inspiration for a bit of personal interaction and that poured out in a matter of minutes. Gee, I wonder which I would rather spend my time on?

* Usually, it's best to give something we don't want to lose to T for safekeeping. Sometimes, however, this backfires.

* The way to a man's heart is through feeding him zucchini bread, especially when that man is my friend C.

* The first season of Veronica Mars is just as awesome on a second watching.

* Washing full-size pillows in a top-loading washing machine is a poor idea. Go to the laundromat and use the front-loaders. Trust me on this one.

* It's a wonderful thing to have friends who are willing to let you rant at them for hours via IM. Or be goofy at them. Or, especially, be goofy with them and rant *at the same time*. You guys are the best.
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